A Little About Wendy

What do I share with people reading my blog? A little bit of this and that, my thoughts and ideas – with a dash of retrospect. I’m a single mom with two kids in public school, I love my little house and yard, and we love to have fun! My blog is about my life, my dreams and my opinions on everything from current events to parenting and shopping trends.

I have a great job and a large, loving and supportive family all over the U.S. Real friends, Facebook friends, Twitter friends and blogger friends all enrich my life. I feel like I am a very lucky girl!

Anything you want to know is probably in my blog or will be soon. I’ve been writing about my life and everything going since my mom gave me a diary when I was 10. the only difference now is that I don’t lock it with a little brass key – I put it on the internet and let everyone read it.

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Send me an email: carlyle1979 at gmail dot com

Thanks for visiting my blog – hope you come back soon – and often!

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