More Info

Still checking me out? LOL

Here is my full disclosure, just to keep the record straight.

Sometimes I get paid for writing about companies, their products or their services in a post. They are not normally reviews, just things that I might write about anyway, but they like what I write and they pay me a little money. I’m not getting rich off of this money and I don’t say anything that I do not mean. If anything, I am honest to a fault. It’s just nice to have a little extra spending money for me and my kids.

Most of the time I would say that if you are that worried about how I make my money, then maybe you should give me some big cash donations and help me run for public office or something where everyone has the right to know all my private business. But since I am not running for public office, if you feel a need to know more about my private business, send me an email at carlyle1979 at gmail and ask me.