Blogging Now – Woot!

This is my blog about my life as a mother of two really awesome kids, dealing with being single and owning a home and working full time, along with stuff in between. I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

I have alot of bookmarks to clear out of my favorites and post about on here why I “favorited” them and what they can do for you if you would like to check them out.

Even though I am not the only Wendy Carlyle in the world, I’ve always wanted my own domain name, but was not sure whether to get a .com or .name, so I flipped a coin and here I am. Thankfully, I got the .com before one of the other Wendys decided to get it!

Looking after two children can be a full time job all in itself, but I also work as an independent contractor for an international franchising company. It is fun – and challenging – to work with people all over the world and help them get their new businesses launched. We all work hard together, and try to have some fun along the way.

Thanks for reading my post and welcome to my blog! Would love to read some comments on things that you care about or if you have some ideas to share.