Who is NOT Teaching their Children Good Manners?

Some children are well behaved and have good manners and are a joy to be with. But lately it seems like a majority of children are not being raised to have any manners and their parents are apparently accepting their bad behavior – even in public places like restaurants and high end stores. This is not a good reflection on today’s society and not a good thing for these children, either. There future success can depend on their manners – or the lack of them can hold them back.

Good manners will get you far in this life, as they are one measure of a proper upbringing that today’s society will use when they judge you. Bad manners can be a huge barrier to your personal success. I am so serious about this! My parents taught all of us kids how to behave and how to act properly – especially in public or around my dad’s business acquaintances. We did not DARE do anything that would reflect poorly on our family or that would ever embarrass our parents.

I notice that one of my girlfriends, Haley, wrote on her blog about manners. Although she was not talking about children, she was distressed that one of her girlfriends seems to lack manners. And Haley realizes that bad manners can affect how you interact with co-workers. And if you associate with people who have bad manners who interact with your co-workers or other business associates, it can damage your reputation and make your superiors think badly of you.

Haley wrote in her post, Proper Introductions, about how her girlfriend was rude to a co-worker of her boyfriend. What if her boyfriend had brought his boss home? Or what if his co-worker gets a promotion and someday becomes his boss? Knowing that he has a girlfriend who is rude could mean that he does not get a promotion or raise when the opportunity arises. It is important to treat everyone well, especially people who you do not know and who are invited guests brought into your home.