Bad Weather Forecast

This week is going to be bad weather forecast for Tennessee. I woke up this morning to cloudy, dark and rainy. Not the best start on a Monday. I have a hard enough time putting the weekend behind me and getting mentally prepared for a busy week without the doom and gloom of rain on Mondays. But it is what it is – i’ll deal with it.

What I am mostly concerned about is the bad weather forecast for later this week. The kids are supposed to go out trick or treating on Thursday for Halloween. But that is expected to be the day with the worst weather of the whole week, with severe storms, hail and tornado warnings.

I hope the bad weather forecast changes as the week goes by and that the storms do not happen on Thursday night. We have been looking forward to Halloween for over two weeks and I don’t want to disappoint all the kids. We bought costumes last weekend and spent several hours carving our pumpkins and decorating our yard for the holiday. It jut won’t be as much fun in the rain, and if there are really tornado warnings, we’ll have to stay home to be safe.