Amy Irene White’s Book on Amazon

My friend, Amy, has her first book for sale on Amazon. It’s available as a paperback or as a download for Kindle. Her next book is coming out later this year – I can’t wait to read it!

Amy is a very strong, brave, rowdy woman who rides her Harley Davidson without a helmet and thinks nothing of dropping the hat and taking off somewhere across the country. Her last big trip was to the Washington DC “2 Million Bikers for America” biker gathering on September 11 2013. She rode was a growing envoy of friends, starting in Arkansas, riding through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, then heading north to DC through South Carolina and North Carolina. They rode all over the DC area and participated in a march/ride down Constitution Avenue in DC with thousands of bikers.

This year she plans on participating in a ride to Detroit in March, and then she heads to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks visiting friends up and down the west Coast. She writes blog posts and sends Facebook messages with photos from the road. Most of the times she travels with a good friend, Libby, who tries her best to keep Amy out of trouble. She is a real hoot!

This is the paperback link:

This is the Kindle download link: