Getting Tough About Education

If I was in charge, there would be no school suspensions or expulsions. There would be alternative education sites for children who must be removed from the general population, but they would still be required to attend school and actually for a longer day – an additional 3 hours. Sending kids home to a toxic parent with a substandard home life does not benefit the child nor the school when that child returns at the end of the disciplinary period. And many of them just play videos games or run the streets during the suspension period – they learn nothing from it other than misbehaving at school gets them more time to play and get in even more trouble.

With my plan, the children with behavior issues would learn something, get counseling and be fed 3 meals without distracting the regular classroom. The parent would be required to take a parenting and anger management class during the same “disciplinary period.” And if the child needs more help than just a week or two, keep them overnight, on site, in barracks and require the parents to participate in more extensive counseling, a thorough home inspection and DNA level drug testing before the child is returned home. If the parent fails the drug test, arrest them and take the other children away until the parent completes rehab.

And although I support home schooling, there are a whole lot of parents who are not qualified to do that – they would not even be able to read and write beyond today’s third grade level themselves, much less teach it. The whole point is that we have to educate this generation of children and prepare them for getting real jobs and keep them off of welfare. The current system is not working and we are losing an entire generation of children in this institutional failure and lack of effective parenting.