Busy Weekend Planned

This weekend is the start of my Christmas make-ready. I will be going through the garage and pulling out all the Christmas decorations, gift wrap and the tree. I don’t really want to put the tree up yet, but there’s no point in rooting through the garage twice. When I find the tree i will pull it out and set it in the corner until I can deal with decorating it.

The kids are a little antsy about why there are no decorations up yet. But last weekend was just too hectic and I want to be able to enjoy the decorating with my kids. When I am too tired I tend to get cranky and careless, and there is no way I would have enjoyed myself getting ready for Christmas while still dealing with Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The kids want to have more color in our decorations this year. Two years ago I tried to keep the decor to a blue theme. I used light blue, dark blue, white and silver on everything from the Christmas tree lights and balls to the gift wrap. Last year I went with white and gold. The tree lights were white and all the balls were gold and white, with just a couple of flourishes of dark red. But this year the kids want to be multicolored, so that will be very different for me. I don’t really like the visual over stimulation of all the colors, but I can appreciate that a children’s world is seen differently than mine.

I have some cute white polyresin snowflakes that I want to hang outside to look like it is snowing huge flakes. I can probably use dental floss to hand the snowflakes from low hanging tree branches all over the yard. That will be something fun that the kids can help me with. And then we will string some outdoor lights over and around the shrubs. I just hope it stops raining for a few hours so we can get this done on Saturday or Sunday, then we can start working on the inside of the house and putting up the tree in front of the window of out living room.